One of the wonderful spiritual blessings God gives us is each another. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that we are all gifted differently, and yet are united as a body as we serve together. It means that we need to be meeting regularly to build one another up, to pray, to help keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, to encourage, and to hold one another accountable. This is the vision of Growth Groups. We meet each week around a passage where we listen to God teach us, we chat through how we can apply this teaching to our lives and then we pray and chat over a cup of tea/coffee. These little groups, which are spread out from Athlone up to Hilton help sustain and feed our hearts each week and are a critical part of our discipleship. 

Growth Groups are usually a mix of different people at different life stages, which reflects a diversity present in any family. This helps facilitate the older training the younger, while the younger provide energy and boldness that is often tamed over time. 

Most groups meet on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings however we do have men’s and women’s group which meets on Monday and Tuesday morning respectively. The number of groups are increasings as our church family grows into new areas. Our desire is for our Growth Groups to be in all our suburbs in time.

For more information regarding Growth Groups or to find out details of a group near to you contact Richard.

Below are a few Growth Group series we have run recently – feel free to download and work through them.